The Official “Pin-Ups for Ron Paul” 2012 Calendar

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Please note: All orders placed after May 1st will be shipped out on June 2nd.

(As seen on the Colbert Report and the Huffington Post!)

Our Miss April, Dawn Anderson takes a bite out of Big Government!

Video Blogger Extraordinaire for Ron Paul

MIss November, Jennifer Rodriguez vs. the TSA Gorilla

Lady Liberty, Mara, threatened by War, Inflation and Bailouts

Our Lowest Price ~ now just $4.95!

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Now available, T-shirts for ladies, gentlemen & puppies…Mugs, Magnets, Stickers, Buttons, Caps & Bumper Stickers!


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  1. Pontus says:

    Do you ship internationally? Did not find any info regarding that on your webpage…?

    1. JAKL says:

      We’d be happy to ship to you in another country! We just need to get the country name and find out how much extra it might be for shipping. Usually it isn’t more than $5 extra. Just drop me a line at [email protected] and I’ll let you know what the extra shipping will be, then send you a paypal request for that amount,OK? by the way, the company name come up as “Fresh Fashion” so don’t let that confuse you. Looking forward to hearing from you, Mysterious International One ~ Thanks! :)

      1. Pontus says:

        Will do…

        I would donate directly to the Ron Paul campaign if it was possible but sadly thats limited to US citizens. The world need an US leader thats not poisoned by special interests or warmongers.

        My hope is that US under Ron Pauls presidency once again can show the world what freedom and liberty really is.

        1. JAKL says:

          Right ON, Sister. Looking forward to getting your message at [email protected]. And we’ll give you a 20% break in price if you order 5, OK?

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