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  • “Miss April”, Dawn Anderson, taking a bite out of Big Gov!
  • Don't tread on her!

    " A Love Story" by Julia

    Our Cover Shot, featuring Gina, Jenn, Dr. Paul, Juliet & Tiffany*

    Loaded, BondGirl Style...supporting her 2nd Ammendment Rights!

    Gold and Silver...sound money


    School is in Session...this is ours and that's theirs!

    "Miss November", Jennifer Rodriguez vs. the TSA Gorilla. Elect Ron Paul and put harassment on permanant holiday!

    Splendor, reading Ron Paul...

    "Lady Liberty" in Danger from War, Inflation & Bailouts!

    Freedom-fighter, Gina, with some raw Truth!

    *No models were harmed in the making of this calendar. Every Pin-Up Girl is an activist for Ron Paul. The calendar is an independent project by grass roots supporters, not affiliated with the official Ron Paul 2012 Campaign.

    Get Yours NOW Before They’re Gone!


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    1. cecil masako says:

      Th first photo of Dawn Anderson is done with best taste. Thanks for sharing the photo.

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