New Video!

Featuring two Pin Up Girls! Video by David Terry. Please watch and “like” ~

Pin-Up Girls just wanna have Fun!


  1. James Noha says:

    Can I save on shipping by ordering 2 or more calendars?
    Do you have any “classic” (aka 2008) calendars available?


    - jn

    1. JAKL says:

      Yes, James!

      The shipping price will be the same if you want to order up to 3 calendars, so that saves you some $. Just please send me, Juliet, an email at [email protected] and let her know how many you’d like and she will also give you a discount on the calendar price. the more you order, the bigger your discount ;)

      We are unfortunately sold out of the “classic” 2008 calendars, making them true collectors’ item. you might try finding one on Ebay!

      For Peace,Freedom and Ron Paul in 2012,
      Juliet (Miss July)

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