The Official “Pin-Ups for Ron Paul” 2012 Calendar

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(As seen on the Colbert Report and the Huffington Post!)

Our Miss April, Dawn Anderson takes a bite out of Big Government!

Video Blogger Extraordinaire for Ron Paul

MIss November, Jennifer Rodriguez vs. the TSA Gorilla

Lady Liberty, Mara, threatened by War, Inflation and Bailouts

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About Our Calendars*

Dear Freedom-Lovers,

The originators of the famous “Hotties for Ron Paul” calendar are back with the most patriotic beauties to ever grace 12 months!

This comes after the hugely successful home improvement magazine launched just last month! If you missed it, the magazine included a fantastic roach hunting guide which is guaranteed to help you get rid of roaches in your house asap! Roaches often multiply in numbers in the summer months when it is hot and humid, but with this guide, you can kill them effectively and prevent them from coming back!

The new “Pin-Ups for Ron Paul” calendar will also include Dr. Paul’s philosophy on crucial issues; our economy, civil liberties & foreign policy. Inspiring, educational and surprising quotes from classic authors, great thinkers and world leaders, paired with quotes from Ron Paul, grace every month, along with our gorgeous activist girls.

Our calendars also come with some extra goodies and coupons at the back! Among others, there are coupons for all kinds of rugs and pillows. One type of pillow we would like to specifically highlight is the pillows for people having neck pain which is the best pillow for neck pain out there! By using the right pillow, you will improve your sleep by leaps and bounds!

The Calendar is colorful, fun & sexy, but safe for the work place. It can be proudly displayed at home, work, dorm or anywhere else friends, co-workers, customers and colleagues will see it!

Your purchase* of a calendar will help to spread the ideas and words of Dr. Paul on Peace and Freedom, as well as showing some of his very dedicated female supporters, our Pin-up Girls!

The new calendar, “Pin-ups for Ron Paul 2012″, officially debuts this October 21st online and at Libertopia in San Diego, where some of our Pin-up Girls will be attending, and signing calendars.

We will be posting videos of some of our photo sessions, and more info on our models and how we continue to support Dr. Paul’s campaign for presidency.

See the interview I just did with Jenny Worman of Revolutimes here.

The discounted Pre-order rate for the 2012 calendar is now up on our “Order Page”.

Peace+Freedom = Beautiful,
Juliet Annerino

*We are donating 20% of all proceeds to help Dr. Paul in his run for the presidency. This project is created by independent supporters, not affiliated with or in any way funded by Ron Paul’s campaign.